Eliisha Ens

Eliisha Ens

Booking details
Monday and Friday Mornings (timezone: CT, GMT-6)
Setting for Services
Online and In-person in Saskatoon
Type of Sessions Offered
Individual sessions for teens, young adults, and adults
Client-centered therapy, attachment-based therapy, systemic therapy, narrative therapy
$120 + GST
Areas of Focus
Identity, living authentically, anxiety, stress, high sensitivity

What drives me to do this work? 

I spent years within the circle of my parent’s faith. When questions and doubts
grew, I set out on a journey of self-discovery that was painful and lonely. I am
driven to this work by the desire that no one else walk their journey alone.

What can clients expect in working with me? 

One of my core longings throughout my life has been to be seen entirely for who I
am – to be known. It was difficult to be known when it felt like there were parts of
me that were too different or unacceptable. I endeavour to be a safe place that
allows clients to be fully known. My goal as a therapist is for my clients to leave
my office feeling seen, heard, and understood.

Relevant work/life experiences that bring me to do this work

I started my studies in psychology after a few years studying ministry. I found that
while there were similarities, ministry told people who they needed to be and
psychology asked questions so that people could be who they are. I was drawn to
seeing people for who they are and creating space for them to become more of
who they want to be. I continued on to finish a Masters in Marriage and Family
Therapy and to build my private practice. I have been on the journey of sifting
through faith and beliefs looking for something that didn’t hold any
pressure and let me just be. I have experienced the struggle that comes with
change and continue to learn how to live on the path I am on. I have the unique
experience of growing up not only within the christian evangelical faith, but also
being immersed in it as a child of missionaries from birth to 18 years of age. When
all of life is religion–it can be terrifying to ask questions!

Who am I? 

When I am not in the office working, you can find me at the dance studio teaching little ones dance or learning something new myself. I am currently working toward my Royal Academy of Dance Advanced 1 exam. I love how movement encourages a genuine connection with one’s body. I love quiet mornings with cups of tea, fantasy and sci-fi books that include dragons and magic, and living life slowly. I am an Enneagram 9 and my rebellious side comes out as a wing 8.

Want to work with me? 

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