Kelsey Hoff

Kelsey Hoff

Counsellor, Owner
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Daytime on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (timezone: CST, GMT-6)
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Type of Sessions Offered
Individual Adult
Family Systems Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Integrated Trauma and Attachment Treatment Model
$150 + GST per 50 min session
Areas of Focus
Challenging family dynamics, congruent living, anxiety, stress

What drives me to do this work?

When I first became a counsellor, I was surprised by how many people came through my office needing a safe space to be completely honest about how they no longer held to the beliefs that had once been the center of their existence.

I also sat with many who were processing the harm that they experienced within high-control communities and the trauma symptoms that persisted long after leaving. This led me to look further into what is available for those who are on a journey out of high-control religious or doctrinal belief systems, and who are looking to establish autonomy and congruence.

I came to see that there is a great need for religious-trauma-informed therapists/counsellors, who understand dynamics related to undue influence, indoctrination, power dynamics, and narcissism.

My interest in this area also comes from personal experience: as someone who was raised in a religious home, but who ended up leaving that belief system behind. I went through a slow process of deconstruction and research, along with honesty about what role this belief system should play in my life. In pursuing congruence and authenticity, I had to leave this system altogether. I now consider myself a hopeful humanist and I attempt to engage life with openness and curiosity.

What can clients expect in working with me?

I aim to show up in a way that is personable, accessible, honest, and empathetic. I sincerely believe in the innate goodness of my clients and I do my best to provide space that allows them to discover that in themselves. I position myself as a curious fellow-traveler who happens to know a bit about psychology and how to use it to bring about change. My work is depth-oriented, existential, client-centred, and recognises the entire person within the process of healing.

Relevant work/life experiences that bring me to do this work:

I have a long-term interest in psychology, culture, travel, and world religions. I completed my MA in Marriage and Family Therapy after studying Religious Studies and Psychology as an undergrad.

I have an on-going pull to the Middle East and have lived in Palestine and Jordan for five years cumulatively. While in Jordan, I worked at a clinic for expats and loved the diversity of the setting. This is where my interest in the effects of high-control religious settings also came to the forefront, as I worked with people doing a huge range of jobs from many backgrounds who were all sorting through the same questions about who they are and how they want to show up in the world. I love this work and feel highly privileged to provide this space.

Religious groups that I have experience in working with include: Evangelical Christian (my own background), Quiverfull, Penecostal, Catholic, Islam, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormon, and more. I love to learn and there are endless groups/organizations/religions/cults to know about, so if you come from a context that is new to me, I am more than happy to do research on my own time to learn about the unique characteristics of your background.

Education: MA in Marriage and Family Therapy 

Who am I? 

I am a spouse, mom, daughter, sister, auntie, and friend. I identify strongly as a 5 wing 6 on the Enneagram and INFJ on the Myers/Briggs personality system. A fun fact about me is that my partner and I live on a 22 acre rural property and we do regenerative agriculture and homesteading. I run my business from a converted shipping container located between my barn and chicken coop; you will likely hear my rooster crowing at some point! When I'm not counselling you can find me in the garden covered in dirt, at parent and tot swimming with my son, winging it in the kitchen, experimenting with my latest soap concoction, or scheming the next outdoor adventure.

I work and live on homeland of the Metis and the historic territory of the Cree, Saulteaux, and Assiniboine First Nations – in the area most recently defined as Treaty 6.

Me and my dog, Hazelwood (mastiff-cross)

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